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1. Classic Batman Skin

2. Mario Skin

3. Iron Man Skin

4. Zoidberg Skin

5. Cookie Monster Skin

6. Professor Oak Skin

7. Gordon Freeman Skin

8. Enderman Skin

9. Goku Skin

10. Jesus Skin

11. Boba Fett Skin

12. Guybrush Threepwood Skin

13. Link Skin

14. MegaMan Skin

15. Miner Skin

16. Creeper Skin

17. Solid Snake Skin

18. Old Spice Guy Skin

19. Ninja Skin

20. Master Chief Skin

21. McDonalds Skin

22. HALO Reach Skin

23. Wolverine Skin

24. Zombie In Disguise Skin

25. Teal Rainbow Skin